Oozing Sex: Scent.

Your scent should flirt with people. It should not pound them in the grill like miasmic brass knuckles.

I shall explain:

A considerable part of seduction, luxury, awakening, and generally rich living is scent. Our olfactory systems are phenomenally important and incredibly complex. Most mammals have two systems, with one used just to sniff out pheromones (mmmm, pheromones). I think that’s quite handy, myself. Human females can subconsciously smell a man’s genes- the ones specific to a healthy immune system. HIS GENES. Parents can recognize blood-related children by scent. When you inhale, your nose is capable of differentiating (and if we’re lucky our brain will then identify) hundreds and hundreds of   smells, and in minuscule quantities to boot, e.g: “The 1973 Syrah from Chateau Lazare mixes decadent pepper essences with a introverted licorice bouquet”. And if that’s not enough, on the exhale, your nose contributes to what your tongue is tasting. Lets not even TALK about sex and smell (yet). Please. Big-deal, smart-guy scientists still cannot explain the complicated magic of stink and reeking. Innumerable studies have been done on the powerful association between olfaction and recollection, we know strong emotions or repetitive exposure heighten an olfactory memory. Do you want other people’s olfactory memories of you to be ambient, pleasant, and alluring or reminiscent of the enormous Amorphophallus titanum, commonly referred to as the Corpse Flower?

(it smells like a corpse). 

I could go on and on about the wonders that await up your nose, but, I’m not a science writer. Thankfully. For your sake. If you’d like to read more,  this article has great citations.

Toward my point:

Try to leave the house perfumed everyday, even if it’s with the simple “clean” of the shower. If you perfume daily with an oil or lotion (hate that word “lotion”, passionately, by the way) Your skin will be soft to the touch and, the most exciting, the scent of you will travel places you cannot and get closer to people sooner than you can, which can be very intoxicating for both parties.

It’s SO important, however, that you are smart. Seduction is a subtle art form, yes, art form. Don’t overpower your natural smell and the air around you with fragrance. DO NOT. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t be the inconsiderate douchebag that walks into a restaurant and snuffs out the aroma of the food with her perfume (food is it’s own sensual experience, one that banks on smell, and not one that should be destroyed by your uncouth aromatic choices), and you’re not looking to leave people gagging in the grocery aisle behind you. The perfect amount of perfume is one that can be perceived by someone close enough to shake your hand, hug you, or can be experienced only for a moment when you walk by. If you put it on and you’re not sure you can smell it, then you’ve done it perfectly. You want it known by those you’ll be close enough to truly entice, share with, or indulge; a lover, a good friend, family, someone you’re hugging etc. Think of your scent as one instrument playing an important part in the symphonic experience created by the orchestra of you. A well-placed, singing violin, a poignant flute riff, floating majestically to the foreground for a brief, harmonic moment, then vanishing again to perhaps reappear at the perfect time. We don’t want an epileptic cymbalist or a narcoleptic tuba player with tuberculosis on our team. Do we. 

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains.”

                                                   ~Diane Ackerman 

Where to put your perfume? Directly on the body, before you dress. Believe me, it will get on your clothes all on it’s own. Plus, you want your perfume on the warmest parts of your body. You think that wrist/behind-the-ear/neck thing is a joke? It ain’t! It’s because those spots are warm to the touch. Your body has it’s own natural fragrance diffusers. Find those warm spots and put just a touch on each. Wrists, neck/ear, cleavage, small of back (the ultimate sexy zone), and…yeah. There too. Some women like to do the hair flip into a cloud of perfume that they spray into the air. While this appears clever, I don’t recommend it. Your hair is already perfumed with whatever you shampoo with and there’s no need to start getting all crazy mixing things up. Simple is best. Also, a lot of atomized perfumes rely on alcohol as a conduit and you don’t want that in your hair. If neither of these things are an issue- then, maybe put a touch of solid perfume on the crown of your head. Ancient egyptians used to put whole cones of perfumed oils up there, reaping the benefits through the heat of the day as they melted and flowed down the body.

It’s also nice to choose one or two perfumes and stick with them. An olfactory signature. People will associate you with that smell, instantly thinking of you the moment it reaches their nose (see that previous paragraph about Corpse flowers). This works wonders when you accidentally leave an article of clothing with a beau, when you leave your smell on a lover’s pillow, when you mist a letter or card with your perfume, or when someone you know runs into someone else wearing your perfume and can think of no one but you. We like that, you know, when we’re penetrating the minds of those we adore from miles away. *fist pump*.

None of that can happen if you switch fragrances too often. Select one and stick with it. It worked for Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No. 5; it will work for you, too.  To this day, if I go to a city I haven’t been to for years, at least one person will express how I still smell like “me” and how they’ve missed it. That kind of thing is comforting to people (and me)- think of how pleasant it is to smell the collar of a man’s shirt when he’s not in it, even if it’s just regular old man-smell! If in doubt about what to choose as your scent, have a ponder; What smells will invoke YOU in an imagination? Those of Mountain tops? Family Holidays? Decadent, opioid lounges? Sweet desserts? Lush, romantic gardens? If you were a smell, what smell would you be? 

Or pick a very subtle fragrance featuring roses or anything with a bouquet of baked goods (If you’re into men, men like fragrance that smells like food and “fresh”, “clean” smelling things. Natural scents on women rate highest. I’m not making this up. The Smell and Taste Research Treatment Center had this to say: ” The number one odor that enhanced penile blood flow was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie”. That study came out in the 90’s and I’ve had time to test it’s validity. They do not lie). And really,  the amount of people on earth that don’t enjoy the scent of real (emphasis on “real”) vanilla or cake is infinitesimal. Refrain from emanating odiferous stripper-like whiffs (and I love strippers) and ensure your perfume is top-shelf. Usually you will be safe if you give a wide berth to anything named after candy or sex positions. I’d also avoid fragrance that is readily available in the local drugstore, especially ones with hearts or cartoons on the label (always with exception, I suppose). Try the perfume on for a while and see, when it mingles with your natural chemistry, if it still smells good or morphs into rotten, poop-kitten stank. That can happen, poop-kittens.


You may want to get serious and take a vested interest in your special bouquet. Make your own. Not only do you create magic with your intention, which will add to the potency of your perfume, you’ll learn, have fun, and get in touch with plants and your body. Anyone can buy from a store, originating your own ensures that your scent is unique. Today I began the process of enfleurage, with this season’s rousing and potent lilacs, which is the oldest known method of extracting scent from delicate flowers (I used coconut oil rather than lard). There are easier methods, perhaps-It takes a long time- but I assure you the fragrance will be absolutely worth it. And…made with love!

I urge you to discover the perfumed world. 

Get good advice?

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